Real change for Veterans

Real change for Veterans

Real change for VeteransReal change for VeteransReal change for Veterans

Life has its up's and down's. Stay Balanced

Oklahoma Cannabis community is beautiful. Veterans all over the United States are finding cannabis as an alternative therapy for healing. Marijuana is a medicine that has been used for years to heal mental ailments. The cannabis veterans. Education is everything. Oklahoma, nationally, Philadelphia, pennsylvania California, Florida, Chicago. Veterans cannabis project, Veterans for cannabis the cannabis veterans. Cannabis for veterans Compassionate care program. Veteran health, veteran education, veteran community, veteran affairs, VA, Disabled veterans, combat veterans. veterans for cannabis, Veterans cannabis project.

What is Balanced Veterans?

Our mission is to create a safe space for the education, empowerment, and advocacy of alternative therapies for veterans. We partner with professionals, businesses, and other organizations to support veterans and their families in  living a better more balanced life.

Balanced Veterans provides education in order to empower veterans on the use of alternative therapies in hopes of combating the opioid and suicide epidemic that's plaguing our community.  

Current medical research has proven that alternative therapies are capable of treating mental health issues in the Veteran community such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. These issues are prevalent in the Veteran community which has currently been struggling to provide a viable long term solution. Balanced Veterans whole heartedly believe that medication  alone is not the answer but a healthy community, conversation and holistic healing practices are vital in living a meaningful balanced life. 

The physical, mental, and emotional cost of the preservation of the United States, a burden carried by less than 10% of our nations population. Those that have sacrificed so much deserve an opportunity to live a balanced and happy life.

Plain and simple? We can't do this without you...

The mental health crisis and suicide epidemic is out of control in our community. Balanced Veterans will stop at nothing to break that cycle. We need resources to do that. Some financial yes, but donations of any kind are always welcome. We have struggling veterans that reach out to us daily. Most importantly spread the word. When you think about veterans think about Balanced Veterans. It's simple, tell them about our website or social media and connect a veteran to what could be freedom and a community at the least. 

Your financial support will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for Veterans in need. Any donation is tax deductible. We will provide an annual report with our financials publicly listed.  Balanced Veterans is a 501(c)(3) NonProfit. EIN 84-1854742

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